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Blueprint & State Machine





State Machine

->Graph .  — Current Activity

->Punching While Walking

-> While standing still

Punching is the top layer


Blend space . 分开也可以,但是要一种nice smooth blending


idle_walk_run  state  ----> Jump Start ----> Jump Loop(how many loops)------> Jump End   ------->idle_walk_run state
|                                                  |  |            in air?
|                                                   --







-> For how long on the air


jump start

jump Loooooop ->big ledge->falling motion

jump end





Pawn: A Pawn is an Actor that can be an “agent” within the world. Pawns can be possessed by a Controller, they are set up to easily accept input, and they can do various and sundry other player-like things. Note that a Pawn is not assumed to be humanoid.

Character: A Character is a humanoid-style Pawn. It comes with a CapsuleComponent for collision and a CharacterMovementComponent by default. It can do basic human-like movement, it can replicate movement smoothly across the network, it has some animation-related functionality.

Controller: A Controller is an Actor that is responsible for directing a Pawn. They typically come in 2 flavors, AIController and PlayerController. A controller can “possess” a Pawn to take control of it.

PlayerController: A PlayerController is the interface between the Pawn and the human player controlling it. The PlayerController essentially represents the human player’s will.

PlayerStart: PlayerStart is just a placeable actor that defines the position of the player when the game starts. The arrow represents the rotation of where the player will be facing when the game begins. Without it you wont be able to start the game because the Engine will have no idea where to put the player.

GameMode: The concept of a “game” is split into 2 classes. The GameMode is the definition of the game, including things like the game rules and win conditions. It only exists on the server. It typically shouldn’t have much data that changes during play, and it definitely shouldn’t have transient data that clients need to know about.




Capsule 防止撞击进物体内

Arrow Facing

Mesh visual

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