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UnrealEngine Level Build

Geometry Layout

Build light

Light point

Shift move camera with you

Alignment : Align surface planer


Trigger button will be a most useful function



Build Light failed. Swarm failed to kick off

My Solution:

If you build your Unreal Engine yourself. Then you need build Unreal Lightmass Project As well. This will solve the problem.

Just go to XCode and build this project Lightmass.

Other solutions from answerhub:

    This Means, you have two object with this same id for SWARM, for example, you copy some mesh object from content from another project to your work project, in this moment you have duplicate ID for Swarm, you must find this duplicate;
    Its simple, look on all meshes in work project (use filtering) if you find two witch this same name, delete one of this,
    You must of course delete all files in swarm cashe befor you RUN BUILD,

Why Stair can not step up on?

Important:Use Linear Stair in Geometry NOT IN THE STARTER CONTENT

Edit Stair

Open you model in mesh editor, and check collision mesh. If it looks like this:

alt text

In menu Collision->Remove Collision

and Collision->Auto Convex Collision. Press “Apply” button in Convex Decomposition.

alt text

Other Property

Mesh: Owner no see property, can hide the gun

Todo List

  • 视频
  • 制作
  • 拍摄
  • 构建
  • Bug Fixed(还是用delay然后循环更好一些么?值得怀疑哎,如果用Interface更高大上一些)


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