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Found the malfunctioning part of Blinks

I submitted an issue about blank screen and blink of UE 4.15 on Latest Macbook Pro a few days ago.

Like this:

Now I has located the malfunctioning part of this problem. And it has been logged as official development issue by UE staff, check UE-43725.


When I turn off the Show->Lighting Features->Indirect Lighting Cache, blink disappears.

When turn on this feature, blink starts.

Now I’m digging into code to locate the problem. If you are bothered by this problem and can not wait, just tun off Indirect Lighting Cache for now to finish all the job unrelated to Indirect Lighting Cache.

alt text

Hit play, if renders still are blinking. Then you can you console command(press ~, then you can input command):

ShowFlag.IndirectLightingCache 0

then blink stops


Collateral damage

After I rebuild lights, blinks starts again. However console command does not work here. And it won’t stop until I reboot UE4 Editor.

I don’t know why, maybe light build progress will build with indirect lighting cache. So the viewport will ignore the show feature settings after it apply the result of light build.

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