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Lincoln Park DMV Behind-wheel Test

Lincoln Park DMV Behind-wheel Test

Speed Limit

Street Name Speed limit Google GPS of Speed Limit Sign
N Mission Street 35 34.072648,-118.197349(N Mission Street First right turn, there is a No right turn on red
N Main Street 35 34.066129,-118.207127
Griffin Street 25(If Kids) 34.066414,-118.211553
Griffin Street 30 34.066414,-118.211553
N Broadway Street 35 34.073849,-118.206487
N Broadway Street 25(If Kids) 34.073849,-118.206487
N Broadway Street 30 34.073782,-118.210855 (Pass McDonald. It is commercial area. But from west to east it is always 35)
Daly Street 35 34.070382,-118.215487 & 34.073146,-118.215707
Lincoln Park Ave 30 34.073606,-118.202628
Baldwin 25 Neighborhood


Schools Name School related road
Griffin Ave Elementary School Darwin X Griffin
Sacred Heart Elementary School Baldwin X Sichel X Workman X Mozart
Sacred Heart High School Baldwin X Griffin X Sichel
Gates Street Elementary School Boardway X Gates
Gates Street Children’s Center Manitou X Thomas
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