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In Your Face X Series

In Your Face HuaWei

This application will open Remote Assistant from Android’s desktop. And also detect if you have installed Remote Assistant from Huawei Market or other app store.

Any way it will help find THE APP quickly and efficiently.

Feel free to comment if you find any bug.


A desktop shortcut to open Remote Assistant of Huawei

Download APK from this site


In Your Face Wpsitesynccontent


If you have two wordpress sites, one for diary which has password protection, one for public. However the posts in public is also from the first Diary site. So you will need this Plugin, WP Sites Sync for Content . However this plugin is really annoying with bugs. So I delete part of its logic and change some code to make it smooth.

Wordpress插件去掉了图片上传的bug逻辑,Featured Image 依旧会上传,实测成功


Remove upload image logic and use reference and still upload featured image

Download WordPress Plugin WP Sites Sync for Content revised from this site

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